The True GOD!!

It all started this morning. I went to a temple because I had to take part in a ritual there. I was sitting there, talking to myself (don’t get me wrong, I’m not crazy.), and all of a sudden, these series of questions struck me. I‘ll be asking you these questions that have been bothering me ever since I went to this temple.

Today we are going to talk about God, not the God that created us but the God we created. This blog is not going to deal with the existential question, it has already been discussed a lot by many others. Let‘s just blindly go with the argument that he is present. 

All this occurred to me when I was listening to a series of stories that were being narrated by the head priest of that temple. The basic gist of all these stories is that God helps a vulnerable person and then curses him if he doesn’t pay back through worship. Firstly, does God get angry, and even if he does would he get angry for a petty issue? If God gets angry, then how is he different from us humans? If you help someone, do you expect him to remember you throughout his life and thank you every once in a while? Your parents literally help you in building a significant part of your life, do they expect anything in return, doesn’t that make them greater than God that we created? Here we are just going by the stories that a priest told. If it is a made up one, what are these people trying to convey?Are they trying to scare you by creating such an image of God, to make you visit their temples a lot and get you to perform some rituals? So is this fear of ours, their business?Even if there is a Godwould he want you to be scared of him?

What is more, according to these so-called God-men God writes our fate.Then if it was written by God himself that the guy from the aforementioned story should forget him once he is satisfied, why curse him then? It can get confusing, but the gist of it is, God is the screenplay writer and we are his actors and he will punish us if the script he wrote is wrong. All these points rely on the assumption that the God-men are right.

Why do we worship then? I have seen it a lot that people go to temples out of fear, and not out of devotion or gratitude. Tell them God wouldn’t punish them if they wouldn’t go to a temple, would they still go? There are other sets of people who pray God for instant wealth or momentary gains, they belong to the lazy category, they just don’t want to work and still make some money with the blessings from God.

There are so many people in this world, will God take time in answering each and everyone? Would he even want the human race to cling to him and ask him favors in return to some fear and weird rituals, probably not? Aren’t all these stories of the God-men making him look like an egoistic person? These God-men are supposed to do the opposite right?

It would be really great if someone who is really enlightened enough answered these questions. Reach me out!!. Don’t get me wrong, I got all these doubts in a temple, so basically God wanted me to write this blog  ; )


Getting Independence from..

At the stroke of the midnight hour, when the world sleeps I didn’t because I felt like writing this. My roommates left for home and this solitude is making me think even more. I just want to check if I’m as sane as always. This Independence day, let me give you independence from hackneyed old “Golden Rules of Life”.

This is primarily aimed for those people who are doing something just because they have to do it, and also for those, who are done with their so called education and are in a dilemma about their future.

You can find these kinds of people on every corner of the earth( but the earth is spherical duh).

You can also find these people if you look in the mirror (:-)  please don’t get offended). On a serious note, sorry it’s going to get a bit preachy from here on.

I wanted to write this as I got a doubt, “what am I doing with my life?”. If I have to give a more “socially” acceptable answer I am pursuing engineering (you could have easily figured it out from the crappy jokes that I made). Is that the right answer, I know that I’m pursuing engineering because the people around me felt that this “so called sophisticated society” would only respect you if you are well educated. If you don’t know what education means, it is either engineering or MBBS, other degrees can’t be called education because people are pursuing them out of passion apparently (who does that right?).

My passion was and is film making, and I don’t know how I ended up in engineering. I am a very lazy guy. I’m so lazy that I opted for classes in the afternoon, because I can have a sound sleep in the morning, but it was on this particular Saturday that I felt like waking up early in the morning, it was for discussing the script (that I came up with in my dreams) with my film enthusiast friends. That was the day I realized that I am not a lazy person, I just don’t like the thought of getting up and doing something that I won’t be remembering once the semester gets over.

As a kid, I used to take the plastic stumps from my cricket kit and invert them and call it my camera. I used to stand in front of it and act, I was my own actor. Till date I fondly recollect these memories. I didn’t have any resources back then, but I was content. I joined the hostel in my 9th standard because I heard that I can get to watch a movie every week. As I joined in engineering, I started to make satirical sketches and thoroughly loved making them but I’m not as content as I was back then. This thought that I’m wasting most of this 4 years in learning something I’m not going to use later on makes me feel uncomfortable.

Let’s address the elephant in the room guys, doing something because someone asked you to do it. Once I finished my 10th standard I wanted to learn animation and start working on it, but since people around me feared that this society will not respect me and that animation is not a safe trade off, I couldn’t do it. Animation and VFX industry is on a high rise now. If only they knew  it, my life would have been a lot different by now. Their side of the argument was that it is not a reliable source of income. My argument simply is that I would have been happy earning it, because I would have loved the process.

My point here is that don’t let others decide for you, because you shouldn’t be regretting a decision that others made for you. When it comes to the case of elders, they decide stuff for you on the basis of what they heard from others around them, your interests will be of less importance to them, because they are your interests and you should somehow see to that you work towards them. There are a lot of followers and less leaders in this world. So don’t let others decide for you.

You often come across these glorifying and inspirational stories which ask you to work hard, because the person in the example you were given did so. I’m not sure how many of these stories are true, but even if they are true, I’m pretty sure the person in the story did it out of sheer interest and not because he had to do it. Let us take an example, some famous personality X didn’t have a lamp to study so he studied under a street light. So now your elders quote this example and ask you to study better than him because you have the resources that he didn’t have back then. Ask them to shut up because the person in the example, studied as he found it interesting not because he had to score marks and prove his intelligence, other dumb people around him thought he was working very hard, but the person in the example found happiness in doing that, so there is no way that he would have felt like he worked hard.

Kids often hate education because their elders are like “if you work hard enough and score 90%, you will get a bicycle”, here they are bribing their children to get whatever they need from them. Let us dissect the above line, here getting a bicycle is an event that a kid will enjoy. Asking him to work hard to get something he likes is like asking him to endure some pain to gain something at the end. The kid studies to get a bicycle and not to get knowledge. Why not say it like this, “If you study well you will become more knowledgeable than your previous self”. This is the collective mistake of both the parents and the current educational system. The kid might be happy for that moment, but he is going to realize this at some point in the future.

Do something you like so much that you don’t feel like taking a holiday from it. Others around you might discourage you from doing it because it is not a reliable source of income. I want to give you an example of a TV show called The Impractical Jokers. It is about 4 friends who take joy in pranking, they took it to the next level by making it a TV show. They not only earn a lot but also have a huge fan base. They started as a comedy group and failed, but they didn’t give up, because doing it gave them happiness, look at them now. Even if you fail doing something you like, you will at least cherish the moments, you will enjoy the process of doing it. You will eventually get success.

Finally, the point of life is to enjoy your stay on earth. You die as soon as you stop asking questions and start following others.